Down the Dark Path Fantasy, Dark Art, and Sci Fi by J Edward Neill

The Monster Mash

April 5, 2014 | Books!, Dark Moon Daughter, Tessera Guild!, Writing! | Permalink

   He was three-thousand winters dead, as deaf to Andelusia’s bleating as a coffin full of bones. His very presence was evil, his breaths curling like smoke from beneath his iron mask. As he dragged her through Midnon, his passing withered moths and turned bowlfuls of red apples to ash… – Reference to Mogru, Servant […]

Dark Moon Daughter – Art Collaboration

April 2, 2014 | Art!, Books!, Dark Moon Daughter | Permalink

   “At the world’s bottom, in a realm where sunlight holds no sway, the Ur tower awaits. If you go there, daughter, I cannot say what you will be like if you return.” – The warlock D Anderae I believe in the collaborative spirit, and as such, I’ve commissioned multiple pieces of art to give […]