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Twenty One Questions for Humanity

January 28, 2015 | Links!, Tessera Guild! | Permalink

Compiled from my two recent articles over at Tessera Guild (here and here) and with a bonus question added, I present to you: 21 Questions for Humanity Regarding Music Lyrics Is there anything that hasn’t already been said? Any topic at all? The Secrets of the Universe If revealed to you, and if they challenged everything […]

Painting with Darkness

January 14, 2015 | Art!, Books! | Permalink

Used to be, the term ‘starving artist’ implied romanticism. Just hearing it, one can imagine an eccentric painter in a room full of wet canvasses, a poor poet reading by candlelight in a downtown dive bar, or a writer surrounded by unbound manuscripts after forty gallons of coffee and seven sleepless nights. Used to be. Not anymore. A long […]