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Making Fun of Everything I’ve Ever Done

January 29, 2016 | Books!, Coffee Table Philosophy, Hollow Empire, humor, Machina Obscurum, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

A few weeks ago I got super sarcastic with my list of alternative movie blurbs. So now that I’ve made fun of everyone else’s artistic work, it’s time I turn the cannon on myself. Here’s everything I’ve ever written, but with smartass descriptions. Have fun… Hollow Empire – Night of Knives – Five homeless people with crappy hygiene do their […]

Down the Dark Path Resurrection

January 1, 2016 | Books!, Down the Dark Path, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

As the night draws down, new paintings drip from my brush. …and make their way onto my books. Introducing ALL NEW covers for the Down the Dark Path four-book series. They’re slick. They’ve got terrifying new art. They’re bound in feels-amazing-beneath-your fingers matte.     Book I preserves the original Amanda Makepeace Soul Orb painting, but books II, […]

Longing for Rain

January 1, 2016 | Life | Permalink

   There’s a place I want to be. Let me try that again. There’s a place I intend to go. As I gaze from my office window on this cold, grey winter morning, I am compelled by what I feel. My door is shut. A melancholic soundtrack thrums against my walls. The sky is the […]