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I’m J Edward Neill, dark fiction author, philosophy book slinger, black-hearted canvas painter, and mood-swingy blogger.

You’ve walked over the edge of the world. Thanks for taking the plunge.

This is the latest edition of I’ve lit a fire in the hearth, burned away all the clutter, and settled in for a lifetime-long winter of blogging, writing, and casting a long shadow over the internet. Visit often, and you’ll find updates on all my latest projects, custom art for my book series’, links to my articles on other sites, photos, freebies, and more. My purpose is to entertain, engage, reflect, and spread my books like storm clouds across the sky.

A little bit about me: I’m an author working for Tessera Guild Publishing. Any day that dies without me putting in a few hours of writing is a day I didn’t really live. I exist in the good ole southeastern US of A, but my roots are the frosted outskirts of Chicago. I write the kind of stories I like to read, and I’m inspired by any book that focuses on the characters rather than the plot. My books are available here.

I also love to paint. The bigger the canvas, the better. My favorite subjects are clouds, trees, beautiful women, and cold, dark places. I twirl a ton of canvasses as companion pieces for my books. My favorite personal works are right here.

So stop by once in a while. Subscribe to the site and receive email alerts. Click the links below and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Head over to and follow my weekly blog. It’s my intention to keep this thing frosty until the end of time or the lump in my chest stops beating, whichever comes first.

J Edward Neill

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