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At Long Last – Dark Art Extravaganza

December 28, 2015 / by grimwain


At long last…

My paintings are for sale at Society6.

If you’re into my dark art, and you know you are 🙂, click the pics below to get your very own art print or canvas reproduction.

Ghost Tree2

Ghost Tree



The Underhollows

The Underhollows

Ocean 6

Ocean of Knives

Grave Rain

Grave Rain (Cover art for the short story – Let the Bodies)

Pale Swamp

Pale Swamp


The Abyss


Black Moon Rising


Falling In

For the backstory on several of these pieces, get clickity here, here, and here.

Look for more paintings to hit my store soon.  The moment I get a few more hi-rez photos of my newest pieces, boom!


J Edward Neill

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