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Three New Shadows

November 20, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Finally… I’ve settled in my new house long enough to reboot my creative engine and slather up some new paintings. I’ve got new lighting, a cabinet stocked with all manner of deep, dark colors, and a set of brushes sharper than any sword… Please enjoy: Sylpha – 12″ x 12″ Sylpha is a character from […]

Buy J Edward’s original dark art!!

October 23, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

 I’m selling the ORIGINAL canvas art for my most popular paintings. If you’re interested, reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, or via email. If you want/need better photos, I’m happy to provide. Prices and available canvasses are below.  Shipping costs are not included. Paypal and cash (if you live close) are accepted.     I have […]

New Painting – The Forever Tree

October 22, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Higher, higher, burning fire. Making music like a choir. Or something like that. Here’s my latest dark painting, The Forever Tree. The Forever Tree is 24″ x 30″.  It’s acrylic on canvas. The original is for sale ($150).  Send your inquiry here if you’re interested. Prints and other materials are available here. Much love, J […]

A New Painting – Dark Tower

October 20, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Today I’m sharing my latest canvas, Dark Tower. I painted this during one lonely autumn day. The rain was heavy, the wind sharp, and the mood just right. I mixed up some reds, browns, yellows, whites, and blacks…and a spooky piece was born. Dark Tower is 10″x 22″ acrylic on canvas with a matte finish. Please have […]

New Painting – The Demon

October 16, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Hello dark art lovers, I veered off the path of spooky trees and dark cities long enough to paint this little monster: The Demon – 24″ x 24″ (Acrylic on Canvas) The original is for sale at $125. Reach out to me here. Prints and other materials are available here. J Edward Neill

Painting with Darkness – Part XII

September 12, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

I like to paint trees. A lot… Sometimes, even when I start a new canvas with every intention of painting a castle, a spooky city, or some other dark imagery, my brain misfires and takes control of my brush. Before I know it, I’ve painted yet another tree. I can’t help it. I’m a slave […]

J Edward’s Dark Art Gallery

August 29, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

The ORIGINAL canvas art for my most popular paintings is now available for purchase. If you’re interested, reach out to me here: If you want/need better photos, get in touch with me. I’m happy to provide. Prices and available canvasses are below.  Shipping costs are not included. Paypal and cash (if you live close) are accepted. […]

Firemass – A new painting

August 21, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Just finished a massive new painting. Firemass – 36″ x 36″ Art prints available here. Original is available ($350.) Contact me here. Love, J Edward Neill Author of A Door Never Dreamed Of Creator of Coffee Table Philosophy

Painting with Darkness, Part VIII

March 9, 2016 | Art!, Darkness! | Permalink

In recent weeks, I’ve been working with my paintbrush more than I’ve been writing. Turns out slashing with paint gets the darkness out of my system much faster than hammering on a keyboard. And so I thought I’d share: * * * Fire Lens is 3 lbs of canvas. It’s huge! The photo here is somewhat muted, […]

New Painting – The Rabbit Hole

February 23, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

A few months ago, I painted something I hated. Meaning it was so bad and uninspired I’m not even gonna show it here. Or subject you to its awfulness. So… When I ran out of fresh canvasses recently, I realized I had to keep painting. Keeps me sane, you know. Paint the demons out or […]

New Painting – Blacklight

February 16, 2016 | Art! | Permalink

Been a little while since I finished anything new on canvas. Been too busy writing this, prepping to move, and killing all my scotch (easier to drink it than move it.) But finally, after 10,000 white dots and plenty of exacto blade action, I’ve finished. Introducing ‘Blacklight.’ It’s huge. It’s dark. And it came out […]

Rejecting Indie

February 11, 2016 | Art!, humor, Life, Writing! | Permalink

Disclaimer: This article was written with artists, authors, and musicians in mind, but I think it applies to everyone… …. Humility – A modest or low view of one’s importance; diffidence Confidence – The feeling or belief that one can rely on something; especially one’s self …. There’s a famous saying. It goes something like: “Confidence without […]

At Long Last – Dark Art Extravaganza

December 28, 2015 | Art!, Darkness!, Links! | Permalink

 Finally… At long last… My paintings are for sale at Society6. If you’re into my dark art, and you know you are 🙂, click the pics below to get your very own art print or canvas reproduction. For the backstory on several of these pieces, get clickity here, here, and here. Look for more paintings to hit […]

Painting with Extreme Darkness

December 4, 2015 | Art! | Permalink

A few months ago, I got it in my head that I wanted to paint something huge. Something to be the centerpiece of an entire wall. Something that if people walked by, they’d have to stop and look. And of course, it had to be dark. Because…well…you know. I present to you: Ocean of Knives   […]

Fresh New Darkness – The Abyss

November 20, 2015 | Art!, wormholes | Permalink

Just thought I’d share a quick, dark little canvas I just painted. Ever since I finished the massive ‘Falling In,’ I’ve been addicted to splashing black trees against swirling colors. The Abyss might be my favorite thus far:     I finished ‘The Abyss’ in just three nights. That’s pretty fast for me. For my […]

The Sleepers – A dark sci-fi short

November 5, 2015 | Art!, Books!, The Sleepers, Writing! | Permalink

  Ladies and gents… …out now for Kindles and e-readers worldwide… …with amazing cover art by Amanda Makepeace… …my sci-fi short, The Sleepers. In the far distant future, a privileged young man dreams of traveling between the stars. He’s the brightest, the best, and a firm believer in the dogma of Universal Human Supremacy. But […]

Painting in the rain

October 3, 2015 | Art!, wormholes | Permalink

Today I’m sharing the progression for my last painting, ‘Falling In.’ My son asked me to paint a scary tree.  With a rainy day washing out everything else, we settled into the studio and painted. All. Day. Long. It’s huge – 24″ x 48″ Please forgive my mediocre camera.   For more of my paintings, go […]

Master of all moods

September 29, 2015 | Art!, Books!, Music | Permalink

Ever sat down to write and struggled to restart the movie in your mind? Ever curled up to read a good book, only to find it hard to withdraw from the rest of your day? Shutting the real world out and rediscovering that dark corner of your imagination can be challenging, but weapons are available beyond a […]

The Study of Darkness

July 21, 2015 | Art!, Down the Dark Path, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

A few weeks ago, I received an encouraging reception for my latest painting, ‘The Emperor’s Vision.‘ Which made me want to share how this dark canvas came to life. When I started working on this one at summer’s beginning, I knew I wanted to paint another companion piece to my fantasy series, Down the Dark Path. I wanted something stark, something […]

Painting with Darkness – Part III

May 5, 2015 | Art! | Permalink

After four weeks of slaving over a huge canvas, I’ve finally finished my new painting, ‘Brothers.’ It’s acrylic and watercolor on a white 42″ x 28″ canvas. It was fun to paint…and sublime to finish. Here’s the progression:    While writing philosophy, dark fiction, and literary fiction are my true loves, I’ve got to admit… …painting […]