Book Blurb-ology

A while back I got mega sarcastic with a list of alternative movie blurbs. And later I roasted myself in public by making fun of all my books. This time I’m keeping it serious. If only to illustrate the pain and suffering that accompany writing blurbs (and query letters…and synopses) I’ve challenged myself to write… Continue reading

Not the Book I expected to write – 101 Questions for Couples

It’s not exactly the book I expected to write. I mean…it’s about love, happy couples, relationships, and cuteness. It’s 101 pages with 101 questions meant to ignite fresh and fun conversations between partners. Honestly, I think you’ll love it. * 101 Questions for Couples A new book by J Edward Neill… Continue reading

An Evening with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ticket in hand, I strolled into Atlanta’s Fox Theater at 6:50PM. I felt at ease within moments. Hundreds of people milled around me, buzzing about the event. In the lounge, cocktails swirled (mine was a slender glass of champagne) while patrons talked, laughed, and wondered aloud what the evening would hold. Because you see…not one guest among us knew just… Continue reading

50 More Things You Should Probably Think About

I’m not sayin’. But I AM sayin’. * * * 50 MORE Things You Should Probably Think About A rare compliment is better than everyday flattery. Don’t fistfight the person who cuts you off in traffic. Fight the one who says you can’t do something. And fight them with your mind, not… Continue reading

50 Little Things You Should Probably Think About

I’m not sayin’. But I’m just sayin’. * * * 50 Little Things You Should Probably Think About If you’re not willing to do it today, you probably won’t do it tomorrow either.  You’re probably not going to meet the love of your life on Tinder. Everything is ok when consumed… Continue reading