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Dark Moon Daughter – Art Collaboration

April 2, 2014 / by grimwain



 “At the world’s bottom, in a realm where sunlight holds no sway, the Ur tower awaits. If you go there, daughter, I cannot say what you will be like if you return.” – The warlock D Anderae

I believe in the collaborative spirit, and as such, I’ve commissioned multiple pieces of art to give us a glimpse of the world within the Tyrants of the Dead series. This particular piece is from Tessera Guild’s own Amanda Makepeace, also the artist for the legendary Soul Orb banner my website headlines. What we see here is a very different Andelusia. Black hair, grey eyes, lips sharp as a dagger’s edge…she’s days deep in the earth, moments away from her doom.

I can’t give away everything about this piece, save to say it captures the spirit of Dark Moon Daughter. Many elements from the book’s climax are present. Perhaps I’ll make a contest of it. To the first one who guesses what comes out the tower door, I’ll ship a free softcover copy of Dark Moon Daughter once it releases in the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled. More is always to come…

J Edward Neill

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