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Free Art Contest!

September 5, 2017 / by grimwain

Here’s what’s up:

In my latest book, 101 Reasons to Break Up, I’ve hidden a little Easter egg.

It’s true. One of the 101 break-ups is mine. I’ve changed my name, but the story is 100% true.

To the first reader who guesses which of the 101 tales is mine, I’m giving away a free original painting.

This one:

Verdant – 12×24″


If you win, I’ll pay shipping. All you have to do is guess which story is mine.

Here’s the rules:

  • Each entrant gets one guess
  • First correct guess wins
  • Guesses can be posted in the comments section below or via any of my social media accounts
  • U.S. entrants only

The 101 break-ups are here.

Get to guessing!

J Edward Neill

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