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Fun with Wood Panel Paintings

September 17, 2017 / by grimwain

At DragonCon 2017, I wandered the art gallery for what seemed like eons.

I encountered stunning fantasy art of all kinds. I found light, darkness, and everything in-between.

But then I stumbled upon something I’d never really seen before. An artist – I admit I don’t know her name or website – had created a large quantity of long, narrow paintings on slender wooden panels.

For me, a guy who has always focused his painting on canvasses, gesso boards, and plain old paper, the idea of painting on peculiar-sized chunks of wood transfixed me.

I knew at once I had to try a few of my own:


First came The Sorcerer, cold and made of shadowstuff.


Then came Erinye, goddess of the dusk.


Next arrived Hallowed, the forest in which autumn forever reigns.



And at last came Twisted Tree, whose roots reach down into the darkness.


Here’s a group shot of the first three:

Each of these I made in similar fashion.

I first cut and dried out planks of untreated pallet wood.

I then sanded and primed each plank with a smooth, satin finish.

And then I applied watered-down acrylic paint.

And finally I lacquered each piece.

I admit I loved making these so much, I’ve got another six planks drying on my deck right now. Meaning…more are soon to come.


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