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It’s coming down

November 12, 2014 / by grimwain

The dust settles. The people of Graehelm and Thillria believe they are safe.

They are not.


High in her tower, Andelusia awakens. The rain will forever
fall, she knows. The time is now. The Ur are coming.

Deep in the wilds, the Hunter wades through rivers of blood.
I must kill the Master, he broods. Else his armies will march.

And from deathly sleep, the Pale Knight rises. What are a
few million dead? he dreams. That I might rest in peace
after they are gone.

Ur Knight NK Cover Sketch Ver 2 - Copy

Coming in early 2015.

The epic finale to the Tyrants of the Dead trilogy. Sequel to Down the Dark Path and Dark Moon Daughter.

With deadly cover art by Amanda Makepeace.

The fates of Andelusia Anderae, Garrett Croft, Archmyr Degiliac, and the villain Grimwain revealed.

The Ur cometh.

Will the world burn?

Nether Kingdom

J Edward Neill

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