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New 3D Painting – Enchantress

June 12, 2017 / by grimwain

Artist T. Morrison and I have decided to smash our art styles together.

She invents wild ideas, sculpts them with lightweight spackle, and I add deep, dark backgrounds.

We’ve had a few successes. She even created a funny tutorial.

Our latest piece – Enchantress – was definitely the most challenging. She labored for days sculpting it. I agonized over the color palette for what felt like eons.

And then we did it. Here’s the progression:

It started with a pixie girl. Check out that hair!

T’s shroom detail is amazing. Are they poisonous? Wanna eat one?

Over several glasses of wine, and while simultaneously editing my latest book, I splashed colors all over her. I worried about messing her up.

Finally! With a tree and a million tiny mushrooms, I finished the background. She’s a riot of color, isn’t she? Quite a contrast to my usual dark art.

Enchantress is 16×20. She took about three days of intense sculpting and detail work. Prints are available here.

For purchase inquiries, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

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