New Painting – The Hecatomb

Not exactly forever ago, I wrote a novella.

I called it The Hecatomb. To support it, I decided to paint my own cover art. I’d done cover art before, but usually only for smaller, cleaner, non-fiction books.

Here it is:


It’s ok…I guess. I’ve never truly been satisfied with it. It lacked the sharpness I desired. I left it alone for a while, but always felt the itch to change it.

And so recently, I did…

Here’s the new Hecatomb painting, sharper, more vivid, and greener than its predecessor:

Hecatomb hi rez

Much more satisfying, at least to me.

Recently, I formatted this piece into The Hecatomb’s new cover art.

Hecatomb front cover hi rez

The original (without lettering) is 16″ x 20″.  Prints are available here.

Meanwhile, if you like this style, you’ll probably like these.

See you soon with more dark, ethereal art.

J Edward Neill

About grimwain

J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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