New Painting – The Rabbit Hole

A few months ago, I painted something I hated.

Meaning it was so bad and uninspired I’m not even gonna show it here. Or subject you to its awfulness.


When I ran out of fresh canvasses recently, I realized I had to keep painting. Keeps me sane, you know. Paint the demons out or some shit like that.

I scrubbed out the crap painting and started work on something slightly less crappy.

And ‘The Rabbit Hole,’ sort of a Tim Burton-style spooky piece, was born.

The Rabbit Hole

It’s a pretty big canvas, measuring around 28″ x 28″.

The original is on sale along with a big pile of my most popular work. Check it here.


J Edward Neill

About grimwain

J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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