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Painting with Darkness, Part XIII

November 30, 2016 / by grimwain

It’s almost my birthday.

And I thought I’d celebrate by offering up one of my favorite subject matters to paint – demons.

Typically in the Painting with Darkness series, I reveal the entire process from start to finish.

But with this next piece, I painted it quickly and without planning…

And thus Scavenger of the Night was born.


Scavenger of the Night – 12″ x 24″ Acrylics and watercolors on white canvas

Oh, and here’s another angle…


The original is available for $150. Reach me here.

Prints and other materials are available here.

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J Edward Neill

2 thoughts on “Painting with Darkness, Part XIII

  1. Looks great man. Ive been working all digital (minus pencils and some inks) that giant brushstrokes must be somewhat freeing.

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