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Swipe Left Society

February 20, 2016 / by grimwain

I need your help. Yes, seriously.

Not so long ago, I published this little article about dating and love in the modern world.


Now I’ve decided to write an entire book about it.


We’ll definitely talk about this ^

Swipe Left Society will be about modern relationships, online dating, and the struggles to connect we all face. It’ll be non-fiction. And it’ll be both informative and sarcastic.


To flesh it out, I’m looking for your stories and anecdotes. Got a great online dating fail you want to talk about? Send it to me. Know all about your BFF’s horror-show romance? Bring it. Don’t worry, I won’t use yours or your date’s names. I’m simply looking for research material. The more, the merrier. Hell, if it’s good enough, I’ll give you a co-author credit. Everything is up for consideration.

So if you’ve got something, hit me up here.

Look for Swipe Left Society in summer 2016.

Until then, get your sexy fix here.

J Edward Neill


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