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The Curtain of Night

May 22, 2015 / by grimwain

Look to the sky, lest you doubt me. Come a clear night, gander the heavens until your eyes glaze over and the desire for sleep weighs heavy on your lids. If luck be with you, you might witness the Eye of the Ur wandering in the dark. The Eye is clever, but it can be seen by us, by him. Look hard enough and you might find it hiding behind an errant cloud. You might glimpse it as it blots the light of several stars or casts its corpulent shadow upon Mother Moon.

Spend your nights searching and you will see it. You will know what the Ur have waiting for us.

You will begin to understand what the Sleeper has in store…

Final “Letter to the Lords of Grae” by the warlock Dank

* * *

In other words, the Kindle Edition of Nether Kingdom is here.

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Devourer of Stars by Amanda Makepeace

Tyrants of the Dead.

The world’s end.

J Edward Neill

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