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The Write or Die Project – Machina Obscurum

August 21, 2015 / by grimwain

Writers.  Indie Authors.  Web-Spinners.  Tombstone-Engravers…

I propose we work together.


This year (2015) I want to publish a short-story/flash-pic/excerpt compilation. Softcover AND Kindle versions. Createspace AND Amazon. I’m gonna call it Machina ObscurumA Dark Short Collection.

The catch is: I want YOU to contribute to it.

For this compilation, I already have 3 short stories, 2 flash-fics, and 4 novel excerpts. Finished. Ready to publish. Fucking rarin’ to go.

And here’s where YOU come in.

I’m ALSO looking for:

Up to 10 pieces of flash-fiction (500 words or fewer) from YOU.

Up to 3 short stories (6,000 words or fewer) from YOU.

Up to 3 excerpts from YOUR novel or novella.

That’s right. I want this book to feature MY stuff. And YOURS.


You, me, and our writer friends. Drinking and dying together.

The details:

You will get full credit for your contribution. Your name, website, bio (plus a photo if you want it) will appear in the book and on the Amazon sale page. Your last name will appear on the front cover.

I want solid, sharply-edited work only.

I will accept previously-published works.

I prefer material with darker themes. That said, I will consider all types of submissions.

If you want to be paid for your submission, we can discuss it. For short stories, it’ll probably be a one-time fee from me to you (due to the difficulties of splitting Amazon royalties.)

I intend to market the living hell out of this book. I will plug your name and your work as often as humanly possible.

The intent of this compilation is NOT to make a shit-ton of money.  Kindle version will be $2.99 max, probably lower. Print versions will be at the lowest royalty settings possible.

The idea IS to spread your name and mine across the void. Novel excerpts will have headers directing readers to your full work. The Kindle version will have links to whatever the hell you want it to link to.

I’m viewing anyone who brings value to this project as a partner-in-crime. A blood-brother (or sister.) A fucking BFF.

We’re publishing THIS YEAR.

 * * *



Contact me at JEdwardNeill@downthedarkpath.com OR https://twitter.com/JEdwardNeill OR via Facebook.

If you want a sample of what I’m putting into this book, see:

LettheBodies_BlogLg  untitled SleepersImageForBlogging Hollow Empire Front Cover

So let’s do this.

You and me.

Putting ink to page until the world ends.

J Edward Neill

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