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What Happens when Quirky, Funny, and Rude Collide

June 30, 2016 / by grimwain

I should probably apologize…

I’m a plagiarist. Sort of. Some of the things in my new book, The Funny Things People Say, are words I actually said. As for the rest, well…it’s all from the other people in my life.

It’s a fact. People like to talk. A lot. And for the most part, you should let them. Because you never know when you’re gonna get weird little gems like:

“No killing, eating or wearing her carcass as your personal cape…”

“She can die happy with the best polished knob ever!”

“…could prolly use this trick to make an aluminum dildo.”

Oh, these ridiculous quotes? Yep. People actually said these. I’m not kidding. The Strange Things People Say is a collection of funny real-life texts, sexts, tweets, emails, facebook posts, and more. The catch is: they’re all out of context. I carved away the rest of the conversation, leaving only the raw, weird, and comical aftermath.

The Strange Things People Say Cover

The softcover is $4.99.  The Kindle version is $1.99.

It’s funny. It’s bizarre. And it’s real.

The Strange Things People Say. Now available.

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