5 Questions for Singles!

The latest volume of the Coffee Table Philosophy series is here.

Written by Jaylene Jacobus and J Edward Neill, the questions this time are focused on dating, relationships, and what it’s like to be single in the modern world.

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Singled Out

 You’re the lone single person at a gathering full of couples.

They’ve placed your love life, or lack thereof, on the table for hors d’oeuvres. They’re giving you advice, offering to set you up, and regurgitating your dating horror stories.

 Are you feeling:

Mad? As in you’re the odd one out?

Thrilled? (Any attention is good attention.)

Amused? (Half of these couples are miserable together.)

Hopeful? (Maybe they can help you find love.)

Nothing? (You tuned them out an hour ago.)

The Ultimate Question

 Let’s be honest.

What everyone really wants to know is:

 What’s the longest someone can wait to answer a text message before it becomes rude?

One Stroke Away

 40-million Americans use online dating services. That’s more than 10% of the population.

That’s also a lot of potential dates at your fingertips.

 What are the positives about having this many dating options?

 What are the negatives?


Poetic Justice

 If someone is a jerk, lazy, or generally just a lousy person, do they deserve to be alone? As in…should they grow old with no one to desire them?

 What if someone is generally a good person? Do they deserve to find their true love?

 Does everyone deserve to find someone?

1,000 Pennies for your Thoughts

 Which of the following would you be willing to give up in exchange to fall in love (or fall in love all over again.)


One of your pets

Your current house or apartment

A good friend



Your vehicle (you get a junker as a replacement)

* * *

101 Qs for Single Front Cover

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