5 Sexy Questions

Without sex… 

…hot sex, boring sex, sex so good you need oxygen afterward… 

…none of us would be here.

101 xxxy Questions Front Cover

The following is a tease from my latest Coffee Table Philosophy entry, 101 Sex Questions. These 5 questions are among the tamest in the book…by far.

18+ only. Have fun.

* * *


 Suppose you’re planning a Sex Trap for your partner.

When they get home, you’ll have it all waiting: the lure, the setting, the diabolical plan to fall upon your unsuspecting prey and make them yours.


Describe your perfect trap.


50 Shades of _________ 

A famous author has just written an erotica novel based on your sex life.

Give it a title.


Lust Buster 

Do you believe mind-blowing sex more often happens between two people who are in love?

Or can great sex happen consistently between people without any deeper connection?



Is sex purely physical?

As in; while it might make the participants feel great for a while, is it ultimately just two people smashing their private parts together?

Or is sex (at least sometimes) a deeper experience?

As in; can it connect two people on a spiritual level and possibly even enlighten them?


That Thing With Her Mouth

 Name one thing that if your lover does during sex or foreplay that you’re powerless to resist.

In other words, after they do it, you become theirs.

* * *

101 Sex Questions is similar to the rest of the Coffee Table Philosophy series…only it’s not.

It’s a huge departure for me, who usually descends into bone-crunching fiction and sharp, dark philosophy.

Available now in Softcover and Kindle formats.

J Edward Neill


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J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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