I’m J Edward Neill, a shadowy canvas painter, tarot deck creator, fiction author, and Coffee Table Philosophy creator.

You’ve walked over the edge of the world. Thanks for taking the plunge.

I LOVE to paint. The bigger the canvas, the better. My favorite subjects are clouds, trees, dark portraits, shadowy creatures, and cold, dark places. Enjoy a look at some artsy videos here. I sell all of my artwork right here.

I’ve also published many, many tarot, oracle, and playing card decks. No Ai, just handmade acrylic artworks transferred to lustrous, thoughtful decks of cards. Enjoy a look at these right here.

Lastly, I’m an author, and I write deep, dark fiction, imaginative sci-fi, and thoughtful philosophy. Any day that dies without me putting in a few hours of writing is a day I didn’t really live.  I write the kind of stories I like to read, and I’m inspired by any book centered on the characters rather than the plot. My books are available here.

So stop by once in a while. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Read this funny interview here. It’s my intention to keep this thing frosty until the end of time or the lump in my chest stops beating, whichever comes first.

J Edward Neill


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