Fearless Familiars – An All New Oracle Deck

The Fearless Familiars Oracle deck is now available! So… What’s it all about? This 52-card oracle deck includes all original art by artist J Edward Neill. The deck theme? Black cats, all of whom represent a protective force in our lives. As goes the fate of our feline companions, so… Continue reading

5 Questions To Ask Your Tarot Deck

Five Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck * Caffeine for the Soul   Perhaps there’s something you love to do. This activity, this place, or this recurring moment in your life is special to you. You know it…way deep down. But… You may have found yourself drifting away from it…. Continue reading

New Book Release – 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

A new release from the creators of Haunted Cat Tarot and Spirits & Shadows Oracle… 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck In 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck, you’ll find prompts and ideas to help guide and support you as you read and interpret spreads of tarot (and… Continue reading

Cloaks, Bones, and Haunted Cats – All New Art Prints Available!

I’ve been busy in my art studio. Very busy… Over the last two months, I’ve added several all new art series, including a gothic cloak series, bones and skulls, and course…haunted black cats. Want to see? Click the pics below and head directly to each series of prints, canvasses, and… Continue reading

Surreal, Shadowy Oracle & Tarot Deck Bundles

Haunted cats… Surreal, ethereal creatures… Deep, dark shadow work… Get your tarot & oracle decks in newly discounted bundles tonight!   The Oracle Deck Mega Bundle One Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck and one Dreams & Incarnations Oracle Deck The Haunted Cat Mega Bundle One Haunted Cat Tarot Deck &… Continue reading

Now Available – The Shadow Journey Tarot Deck

Now Available!! Shadow Journey Tarot An All New Tarot Deck by J Edward & Heather Neill The Shadow Journey tarot deck contains 78 cards, and features all-new original artwork by J Edward Neill. Skeletons, Shadowy Ladies, Dark Figures, Surreal Landscapes – The theme of the deck: Journeying from innocence into… Continue reading

Dreams & Incarnations Crash Course Unboxing

Dreams & Incarnations is now available! So… What’s it all about? Click the pic below to watch a crash course introduction video! And click HERE to get your deck tonight! An all-digital guidebook is here: Dreams & Incarnations Print Master PDF Physical guidebooks are here.  Continue reading

Custom Haunted Cat Commission Art by J Edward Neill

Haunted Cat Commissioned Paintings! Have you ever wanted your cat to appear in a haunted, gothic painting? Look no more… I’ve got your back! For the first time ever, I’m accepting commissions! They’re very specific, so please see below for all the details… Available now via Etsy, I’m offering $10… Continue reading

Coffee Table Cats – A Mini Art Book

Black cats aren’t unlucky…. Charming, sensitive, and wily, these enchanted felines bring love to every heart they touch. In this artsy book by J Edward Neill, enjoy numerous illustrations of our black cat friends, each paired with a loving tribute. Each piece of cat art is based on one of… Continue reading