All New Prints & Canvasses – ShadowArtFinds!

Now available at Shadow Art Finds… All new print sizes,  Including small and inexpensive 8″ x 10″ and 16″ x 20″! Also… Mounted canvas prints have been upgraded to be even more heavy duty. Wooden frames now a full 1″ thick and gallery wrapped! Click the pic below to explore… Continue reading

Why I Won’t Do Commissioned Art

“Can you paint a portrait of me, but as a sexy, armor-wearing warrior queen? And thirty lbs. lighter?” No. And you mean forty-five lbs. “Can you paint my dog? He’s really cute. Look how his tongue hangs out the left side of his mouth. I really want to capture him in… Continue reading

What are the Different Types of Art Prints?

So… You say you’re in the market for some art prints. First of all, awesome. After all, art prints have great upsides. They’re an inexpensive alternative to buying original art. They’re typically smaller than big canvas paintings. They can be put into stylish frames. They’re easier to handle, and even… Continue reading

How I Create Surreal Backgrounds for my Paintings

Hi there, art lovers. Over the last few years, I’ve fielded a ton of great questions from artists, collectors, and generally curious folk. The conversations have been awesome and engaging, and I’m truly grateful to take part in any conversation about my art…or really anyone’s art, at all. But… There… Continue reading

Exclusive Oracle Deck/Bracelet/Art Print Bundles – Spirits & Shadows

To celebrate the release of the Spirits & Shadows oracle deck, we’ve created an exclusive set of special bundles. Only 25 of these bundles are available, five in each theme… Each bundle includes: 1 Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck 1 Handmade Bead Bracelet (Woman’s Wrist Size 7.25″) Matching the Color… Continue reading

The Top Five Challenges Facing Modern Artists

What’s it like being a full-time artist in the real world? Let’s talk it out. In his latest Let’s Talk Art video, J Edward brings up the top 5 challenges facing artists today. And… …shows off his giant painting, ‘The Death of Yggdrasil.’ Click his face below to watch the… Continue reading

Coming Soon – The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck

NOW AVAILABLE!! The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck An Intuitive Card Deck by Heather and J Edward Neill * The Spirits & Shadows oracle deck contains 52 cards, featuring original artwork by J Edward Neill. Cats, owls, crows… Skeletons, towers, otherworldly landscapes… The theme of the deck: personal challenges and… Continue reading

New! ShadowArtFinds Digital Art Downloads!

All new! I’m now offering digital art downloads of ALL my available art prints. Low cost, no shipping times, worldwide availability! And… If you see an art print for which a download is not available, please let me know. I can add it pretty much instantly! (Friendly note: art images… Continue reading

Thy Winter is Forever – The Making of a Huge Skeleton Painting

For many days, during a stormy autumn week… …I locked myself in my studio. This is the progress of a large new acrylic-on-canvas painting titled ‘Thy Winter is Forever.’ Please enjoy… It began with the background. Two coats of heavy acrylic paint. I used a wet brush to blend the… Continue reading