The best looking video games ever

Ever daydream of being somewhere other than wherever you are? Well? Maybe you fantasize about slumming at a beachside tiki bar? Maybe you daydream of sitting in the backyard on a warm night, soaking up a pitcher of sweet tea? Or mayyybe sometimes you dream of nestling on a couch with all the lights off, controller in… Continue reading

The best video games ever – decade by decade

Ok. So. Let’s get this started. First, a few disclaimers: 1. This list doesn’t include sports games, indie titles, fighting games, or sandbox games. And it’s not because I don’t love those kinds of games (a few favorites are Limbo, Inside, Killer Instinct, Crackdown, and Tecmo Bowl) but more because I’m… Continue reading

Ten Villains Worth Worshipping

  “It’s simple. To achieve perfection, abandon morality. I’ve been doing it for decades.” – Archmyr Degiliac, Pale Knight of Thillria   It’s no secret: I love, love, love the bad guys. I love to read about them, write them, watch them, and (gasp) root for them. I’m the kid who got… Continue reading