Custom Soul Moon Paintings – Now Available!

Soul Moon custom commissioned paintings are now available!!
Surreal crescent moons. Otherworldly, celestial landscapes. Vivid colors on uniquely shaped canvases and wood panels.
What’s it all about?
Please read carefully:

For a long while, I’ve resisted doing custom work. But no longer. I love painting the Soul Moon style SO much, I want to share it with everyone. Visit THIS LISTING to reserve your exclusive spot for a commissioned painting in the Soul Moon style. (There is a separate listing for when your painting is complete here:

Check out these sample paintings. These are previous Soul Moon canvasses, either completed by commission or for private sale.

After reserving your custom painting, you’ll message me with your preference for the following:

* Primary color
* Secondary color
* Your choice of canvas size and material: (Choose between: 16″ x 20″ Wood Panel, 12″ x 24″ Wood Panel, or a huge 12″ x 36″ Cotton Canvas.)

Final pricing for your finished unique painting is:

16″ x 20″ Wood Panel Final Price – $260 (1 moon)
12″ x 24″ Wood Panel Final Price – $260 (2 moons)
12″ x 36″ Cotton Canvas Final Price – $360 (2 moons)

Each painting will be in  Soul Moon style. There are NO exceptions. Meaning, your custom painting will have crescent moons (see the pics) with trees, flowers, mushrooms, and other vivid natural elements bursting from the moons. The 16×20 option will have 1 moon (see photos). The 12×24 and 12×36 options will have two opposing moons (see photos) each with a different color scheme of your choice.

Each painting will have two primary colors, which will be blended in my signature style. I can blend any two colors, although obviously some combinations will look more vivid than others.

ALL paintings will be finished in acrylic and coated with two layers of satin varnish.

The back of each painting will be signed by the artist, me.

Each painting will require approx. 1 week to finish, and a few days after shipping to arrive at your door.

IF the painting is to your liking when complete, you’ll go to this listing to complete payment:

IF the painting is NOT to your liking, you have NO further obligation. I’ll keep and sell the painting privately. (The $10 reserve fee is non-refundable.)

To find even MORE of my original artwork, please head here:

About grimwain

J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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