Down the Dark Path – Mini Novella Editions

Not too terribly long ago, I realized that asking my first-time readers to bite into a massive, 300k word, 800-page + epic would be a challenge. I mean…the softcover edition is three inches thick and weighs two lbs. Some people like that kind of thing.

But for everyone else, I’ve got a surprise:

Down the Dark Path

 Darkest of All Dark Fantasy Epics

Shattered into four mini-novellas

I’ve trimmed Book One in the Tyrants of the Dead series into four inexpensive, easy-to-consume softcover novellas. Each bite-size book is a nice, neat 200 pages and comes with a slick new matte cover design.

You’re gonna love ’em. I promise.

Book One: When Andelusia Anderae leaves home in search of a better life, she falls into the company of  a mysterious traveler. He promises to deliver her to the grand nation of Graehelm, but she soon learns that he’s much more than he seems. His message is for none other than Graehelm’s Councilors, who will decide whether to resist the invading Furyon Empire…or whether to join the Furies in waging war against all lands.

And so begins her journey…

Click any one of the covers below to start your journey:

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And of course, if you still like your books massive (and usable as two days’ worth of firewood) the original editions (Kindle and Softcover) are still available.

Soul Orb DDP Cover

Start walking the Dark Path today…

 J Edward Neill

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J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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