Fearless Familiars – An All New Oracle Deck

The Fearless Familiars Oracle deck is now available!


What’s it all about?

This 52-card oracle deck includes all original art by artist J Edward Neill. The deck theme? Black cats, all of whom represent a protective force in our lives. As goes the fate of our feline companions, so goes our own…

Fearless Familiars is meant as a standalone oracle deck. Or…to be used in tandem with Haunted Cat Tarot.

Click the pic below to watch a crash course video!

An all-digital guidebook is here: Fearless Familiar Guidebook

Physical guidebooks are HERE.

5 Questions To Ask Your Tarot Deck

Five Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck


Caffeine for the Soul


Perhaps there’s something you love to do.

This activity, this place, or this recurring moment in your life is special to you.

You know it…way deep down.


You may have found yourself drifting away from it.

You’ve been too busy. Or possibly distracted.

And now, with your cards in hand, you’ve decided to get back to what’s important.

So ask your cards:

“How can I revitalize myself and get back to doing what I love?”



Recipe for a Better Life


It may be that you already possess all the ingredients in life required for you to be happy.

You might have all the skills, the knowledge, the passion, and the people you need.

But it could be you haven’t yet arranged these things in such a way as to bring you great contentment.

Focus on all the things you currently have in life, and on the things you know you are capable of doing.

Now ask the cards:

“To be happy, how should I put it all together?”





It’s hard sometimes to know who’s okay and who’s hurting.

The signs are never the same.

Perhaps there’s someone in your life – a friend, a coworker, or a family member who is in need of your help.

Maybe there’s someone who needs more…

…from you.

And maybe they’re not able to express it by themselves.

With an open mind, and with concentration on those who are closest to you, ask the cards whether there might be someone who needs you, and furthermore what you can do to help them.



The Unicorn


To some extent, nearly everyone idealizes things in their life.

We idealize situations.

And we idealize people.

If you’re in a relationship, whether brand new or well-developed, and you’re guilty of idealizing your mate (in other words, you regard them as perfect or better than in reality) you may find yourself needing to temper future expectations.

With a focus on your own perceptions and how they contrast with what you’re really experiencing in love, ask your cards:

“How can I stop idealizing romance and appreciate it for how it truly is?”



Single Card Pull


Starting simply, you’d like to know the energy of one single day in your life. You want the vibe, the atmosphere, the general feel of 24-hours of ups and down.

Ask the deck, pull one card, and read today’s feel intuitively.


Did you enjoy these questions?

If so, we’ve got an entire book of them – 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck. 

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Tarot & Oracle Decks – Now Available on Amazon!

Now Available on Amazon!

 (For U.S. collectors only. Worldwide shipping is always available on Etsy – ShadowArtFinds)

Haunted Cat Tarot

A full 78-card tarot deck with a surreal, shadowy feline art theme. All the darkest cats packed into one lustrous deck. Featuring the suits of Chalices, Moons, Tombs, & Staves. If you love cats and tarot, this is the deck for you!

Decks are available HERE. 

Guidebooks are available HERE.

Spirits & Shadows Oracle


An intuitive 52-card oracle deck in which card readers divine their own personal meanings from each card. Features colorful, sometimes surreal artwork. Creatures, landscapes, and serene and often shadowy realms. Spirits & Shadows is the very first of J Edward’s card decks.

Decks are available HERE. 

Guidebooks are available HERE.

Dreams & Incarnations Oracle 


A 52-card deck focused on dream meanings and the archetypes/incarnations we wish to become, Dreams & Incarnations is an intuitive, spiritual deck meant to illuminate our truest selves. Featuring J Edward’s most surreal artwork yet, with plenty of moons, shadowy creatures, and colorful landscapes.

Decks now available HERE.

Guidebooks available HERE.

Shadow Journey Tarot


A deep and serious tarot deck, Shadow Journey echoes the journey we must all take in life. Artistically, it follows the adventures of a lone shadow girl as she wanders through strange, dark, and surreal realms in search of herself. She’ll meet plenty of friends (Skelly) and foes (Cloaks) along her way. This is our newest, deepest tarot deck.

Decks now available HERE. 

Guidebooks are HERE. 

Fearless Familiars Oracle


The darkest cats are our greatest guardians, or so goes this deck. Features 52 cards with more dark feline art. The theme here is protection and empowerment, with each cat urging you to be the most powerful version of yourself. Fearless Familiars is meant to be used in tandem with Haunted Cat Tarot, but can also be used alone.

Decks are HERE. 

Guidebooks available HERE. 

And of course, all five decks will forever be available at Etsy – ShadowArtFinds. Click the pic below to gets yours tonight!

New Book Release – 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

A new release from the creators of Haunted Cat Tarot and Spirits & Shadows Oracle…

101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

In 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck, you’ll find prompts and ideas to help guide and support you as you read and interpret spreads of tarot (and oracle) cards. This book features four sections, each of them concerned with a particular realm of tarot queries.


Friends & Family


Romantic Love

On each page you’ll find a detailed query which you can meditate upon, bring into focus, and make a request of your cards. The intent is to help you discover new and interesting questions. Change the wording of each question however you wish. Make them completely yours.

Now available HERE!

And of course, all of our card decks are available on Etsy and Amazon. 

Cloaks, Bones, and Haunted Cats – All New Art Prints Available!

I’ve been busy in my art studio.

Very busy…

Over the last two months, I’ve added several all new art series, including a gothic cloak series, bones and skulls, and course…haunted black cats.

Want to see?

Click the pics below and head directly to each series of prints, canvasses, and original paintings…


The Gothic Cloak Series


Bones, Skeletons, & Skulls

Haunted Cats

And of course…there’s always more…

Custom Haunted Cat Commission Art by J Edward Neill

Haunted Cat Commissioned Paintings!

Have you ever wanted your cat to appear in a haunted, gothic painting?

Look no more… I’ve got your back!

For the first time ever, I’m accepting commissions! They’re very specific, so please see below for all the details…

Available now via Etsy, I’m offering $10 commission reservations for haunted black cat paintings. This is how you land your exclusive spot for a haunted cat commissioned painting.

To get started, head to this shop listing:

After reserving your painting (for only $10) you’ll message me with your request for the following:

Background primary color
Background secondary color
 Your choice of background elements, which are limited to: 1-3 Moons, Grass, Tree Roots, Distant Trees, Distant Tombstones, Pedestal
Your choice of canvas size and material (12″ x 16″ or 16″ x 20″) (Cotton Canvas or Hard Gesso Board)
Whether you want your cat to be haunted (no pupils in the eyes) or normal (pupils in the eyes.)

Prices of final customized paintings are HERE.

After choosing from the above options, you’ll send me a single photo of your cat. The painting I complete will have the exact pose you send. Make sure your photo is hi-resolution and is exactly what you want.

ALL the cats I paint will be black. I will not paint any other color of cat. If your cat isn’t black, and you’re ok with me painting it as a black cat, that’s totally fine. 🙂

ALL paintings will be finished in acrylic and coated with two layers of satin varnish.

The back of each painting will be signed by the artist, me.

Each painting will require approx. 1 week to finish, and a few days after shipping to arrive at your door.

IF the painting is to your liking when complete, you’ll go to a separate listing to complete payment. It’ll be here.

IF the painting is NOT to your liking, you have no further obligation. I’ll keep and sell the painting privately. (The $10 reserve fee is non-refundable.)

For a video describing the process fully, please head here. 

I reserve the right to refuse any commission reservation. (If I do, I’ll fully refund the $10 reserve fee.)

Get started now! 

Wintermoon Manor – An Artistic Walkthrough

Hi everyone.

I’m J Edward.

I usually paint surreal, shadowy creatures and dark landscapes.

But over the last week, I’ve painted my annual wintry mansion. It’s been a theme for four years running. I paint one per year, and I hope to continue the tradition forever.

So then…

For Wintermoon Manor (this year’s painting) I photographed the canvas several times along the way.

And now I’d like to share…

It began with a swirly, color-saturated background. Most important here was the snow. I needed it to appear stark beneath the sky. I wasn’t particularly careful with every detail in the sky. I knew the house would block much of it out. The outline sketch above, I made using a soft-tipped charcoal pencil. (Easily painted over. Easy to erase any mistakes.)

The very first portion of the house. Note the snowdrifts collecting on the eaves and in the windows. I aimed for a rustic, medieval feel. Small windows. Big doors.

Now we’re getting somewhere. I caught my palette in this photo. It’s an absolute mess, coated with about a hundred paintings worth of acrylic. In any event, the moonlight is just barely kissing the rooftops here.

When painting this one, I imagined myself living in the house. Preferably with several cats, otherwise alone. Here we can see a big, moon-touched roof. It took about 300-400 brushstrokes just to get the lighting and texture where I wanted them.

At this stage, I still hadn’t added the actual moon. Perhaps it was hidden behind the clouds. See those big circular windows? I imagine they’d be hard to clean, but during sunny days would allow the light to invade the house in a very interesting way.


The right-side tower…complete. While painting this one, I listened to a variety of instrumental soundtracks, particularly Ludwig Goransson’s Oppenheimer. It evoked the kind of stark, lonely mood this painting seemed to require.

The house is almost complete here. Only a few touches of snow and shadow (the fine details) remained. Obviously the foreground needed more texture, and of course the distant background. When I reached this stage, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people would live here. Truthfully, I could live here with just my cat. But then again, cleaning everything would be impossible. 🙂

It may seem hard to believe, but I only used two brushes for the entire painting. The big one (my most trusty companion) for the background, and the knife-edge wedge brush for everything else. I like to keep it simple.

My color selection for Wintermoon Manor was quite simple. A base of grey and titanium, a few touches of soft blue and sienna in the sky, and umber undertones for the house. The key was not to use too much black or white. I wanted those two to show up for deep shadows and bright snowdrifts only.

And now at last…the final painting. The moon, I wanted off-center to break up the relative symmetry of the house. The trees here feel stark and distant. I imagine it was juuuuust about to being snowing. Note the subtle yet important foreground textures. Somewhere under the shallow snowdrifts, ancient stairs lay unused.

On the easel before varnishing. I snapped this photo just after sunrise. Who can sleep when there’s art to be done??

Wintermoon Manor is now available in my shop. It’s the fourth in the series, and my favorite thus far.

Below I’ve included last year’s winterscape (Of Snow and Shadow) for a nice comparison.

Please enjoy…

Of Snow and Shadow


The Dark Art FAQ by Shadow Art Finds

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadow Art Finds


What mediums do I use for my paintings?

I use mostly acrylic (Liquitex) on cotton canvasses, gesso boards, & wood panels. Every now and then, I’ll work with charcoal & graphite. (They’re not so fun to clean up.) I never use AI programs, NFT’s, or digital tools. They’re just not for me.


Do I offer tutorials?

Well…sort of. My process is considerably different from most. While I don’t have time-lapse videos just yet, I do have this. 


To what locations do I ship paintings, prints, and card decks? 

I ship originals to the USA, Canada, UK, and some parts of the EU. For art prints, I ship only to the US and Canada, as shipping costs overseas are pretty outrageous. To balance that, I offer digital downloads for collectors to buy and download local to them. They’re inexpensive, and available here. Alas, I no longer ship prints or decks to Australia or New Zealand. Too many issues with lost packages.


Where can all my available original canvas, wood panel, & gesso board paintings be found? 

Right here! 


What about prints? 



How do I package prints, decks, and originals, and how quickly do they ship? 

I pride myself on very durable packaging. For lustre prints, I ship rolled in a hard cardboard tube. For giclees, usually a flat padded box. For mounted canvasses and original paintings, I ship in bubble-wrapped, double-layered, heavy-duty boxes. For card decks, I ship in lux boxes packaged in bubble mailers. Most prints and originals ship within 1-2 days of ordering. For mounted canvasses, these are custom made, and require 3-4 days to build and ship.


My shop has a ton of different print options available. What exactly are lustre, velvet giclee, and mounted canvas prints?

I wrote up a special article just for this question. It’s right here.


Do I create/license art for book covers, album covers, t-shirts, and other products? What about tattoos? 

I wrote up a special article just to cover these questions. Get all the details here. 


Do I offer custom/commissioned work? 

Alas, never. I find great joy in creating whatever my personal dreams (or my cat) inspire. The rigors of painting someone else’s ideas just don’t appeal to me.


Why don’t my oracle and tarot decks ship with guidebooks included? 

Good question. To save myself and buyers a ton of money, I’ve made the guidebooks available as free PDF’s or on Amazon Prime for a low price. If I were to ship the decks with guidebooks firsthand, the price would be much higher, both for book printing and freight. It’s better this way, trust me.


What else do I do with my time besides make art? 

Before I sank my teeth fully into the painting, I published novels, short stories, philosophy books, and more. I was a full-time author, and I loved it! My books are here.


Where am I located? 

Usually, Athens, GA. But sometimes, Chicago. And other times, New York. I like to stay on the move!


Do I do art shows? 

Yes. Sometimes. Mostly local tattoos shops, Pancakes & Booze tours, Art & Chocolate Tours, and DragonCon.


Where is the best place to see my latest work and get in touch on social media? 

Great question. Right here.


Still have more questions, or maybe there’s something important I need to add here? 

I’m listening. The best place to reach out is here.


Now Available – The Haunted Cat Tarot Deck

Haunted Cat Tarot

A Complete Tarot Deck by Heather and J Edward Neill

Now available at Etsy – ShadowArtFinds


The Haunted Cat Tarot deck contains 78 cards, featuring original artwork by J Edward Neill.

The theme? Surreal, shadowy, moody black cats…with a ton of charm, grace, and attitude…

The deck ships in a labeled lux box.

As with our oracle decks, the guidebook is primarily online. A free PDF is here. For those with e-readers, a guidebook is also available on Amazon Kindle. For those who prefer physical guidebooks, they’re now available at Amazon.

Haunted Cat Tarot is available at Etsy – ShadowArtFinds. Individual decks, as well as discounted reseller bundles, are available. Be careful not to confuse Haunted Cat Tarot with the already available Haunted Cat Playing Card Deck. These are two separate, unrelated decks. 

Also…a series of six special edition prints is available (including full tarot card text) to celebrate the deck release. These prints are here.

Questions? Contact J Edward at his Facebook art page here.

For a complete video discussing the cards, click the cat pic below!


What are the Different Types of Art Prints?


You say you’re in the market for some art prints.

First of all, awesome. After all, art prints have great upsides. They’re an inexpensive alternative to buying original art. They’re typically smaller than big canvas paintings. They can be put into stylish frames. They’re easier to handle, and even replace, than larger, hard-to-ship art.

Sounds great, right?

But there’s just one question.

How do you know what type of art print is right for you?

Now, when we talk about the ‘type’ of art print, we’re not looking at the art style. That’s a entirely different conversation. Maybe you like kittens, or watercolors, or abstract art, or…if you’re looking at my work, crazy dark surrealism. It’s all good. But what we’re talking about today is the material of which your future art print will be made of. Be it photograph paper, inkjet lustre prints, velvet giclees, canvas prints, or mounted canvas, there are more styles of print than most people realize.

Many, many more.

Which is a good thing. It’s always nice to have options, right?

Let’s get straight to it.


The Different Types of Art Prints

Style 1 – Photographic Prints

Photographic style prints are your entry-level art print. If you buy from most artists, this is the basic style they will offer. Photo-style prints are inexpensive, durable, and provide a quality that most art-lovers find very much acceptable.

What’s the scoop?

This type of print typically uses dyed inks on digital photograph paper. If you’ve ever held an actual photograph in your hand (I say this only because so many photos these days are strictly digital) then you have a general idea for the quality of a photo print. The paper stock used is thicker than standard printer paper. It’s durable stuff, and the colors of most paintings (especially line art or art with plenty of strong, bold colors) will look good. It’s easy to frame, easy to ship, and not particularly pricey. What’s more, this style of print can be made to be glossy, semi-glossy, matte, or even metallic, depending on the artist’s (or buyer’s) tastes.

In short, it’s versatile stuff. And in today’s ever-growing art market, it’s what you’ll see a ton of.


Style 2 – Fine Giclee Prints

Suppose you want to step up your art print game. You want better color saturation. Better paper. Something longer lasting.

And more than anything, you want an art print that picks up every detail of the original artist’s work.

Giclee prints might be for you.

In today’s world, there are many styles of giclee prints. There’s deep matte, a printing process which carves out any hint of shine, leaving only the deep, dark details. There’s somerset velvet, a smooth, luxurious-feeling print, capturing the subtle color notes in a detailed piece of art. If you see words like Lexjet, Lexjet matte, Somerset velvet, or 100% cotton, then you’re dealing with a high-quality giclee.

In short, giclees are gallery-quality prints printed using pigmented inks (instead of dyed inks) on archival (typically cotton) paper. If the original is unavailable, and a buyer, gallery, or even the original artist wants an excellent reproduction, giclees are most likely what they’ll go for. The paper is much higher quality than photo paper, which allows excellent color saturation and detail. When framed properly, a good giclee will resemble the original painting in almost every way (unless it was a highly-textured original.)

The only drawback? With giclees, buyers should expect to pay two to four times more than the price of a standard photographic print.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


Style 3 – Canvas Prints

Still further up the art print ladder, we find canvas prints.

Similar to giclees (and made using the same pigmented inks) canvas prints typically are excellent, top-notch reproductions of art. Whether created by traditional artists after their originals have sold or by digital artists who desire a physical copy of their work, canvas prints are a superb method of displaying art.

Firstly, they’re flexible. Printed on the thickest, most durable materials, canvas prints are bendy, tough to damage, and easy to trim/manipulate for framing. Even more than giclees, they’re a long-lasting print style, and can be varnished with protective coatings to last many decades (or possibly even centuries…given that the technology used to create them is still relatively new.)

If you’re a collector who wants the best possible reproduction of a piece of art, canvas prints are likely for you.

The good news? While pricier than inkjet or photo prints, canvas prints are typically only 10-25% more expensive than giclees.

The challenge? Canvas prints come loose and in need of (usually high-quality) framing.


Style 4 – Mounted Canvas Prints

Mounted canvas prints are quite simple, really.

They’re the same as canvas prints, same material, same color quality, same durability.

But they’re stretched and mounted on a wooden frame, and are 100% ready to hang.

For collectors who don’t want to pick out custom frames, and for art-lovers who like to hang art just as it looked in the original artist’s studio, mounted canvasses are a great option. Like standard canvas prints, they can be varnished. The wooden frames (typically 1/2″ to 2″ thick) offer stability, ease of hanging, and true-to-life colors which often match the original work.

Personally, I’ve hung multiple mounted canvasses of my own work (after the originals are gone) and I can’t really tell the difference between them and the original paintings.

They’re that good.

The good part? Original-looking art which typically costs far less than original paintings.

The only drawback? The cost of stretching and mounting the canvas is significant, meaning these are usually the most expensive print option.



Of course, there are other print options out there. Custom paper styles. Custom finishes. But in general, 95% of what collectors will see in the market today will fall under these four art prints styles.

I hope, for all you art-lovers and artists out there, this article proved helpful. If you have questions or want to chat about print styles, reach out to me at any of my social media links right here.

And of course, I invite you to take a look at my own selection of art prints. Click the pic below and fall into my surreal world.


Until next time…


J Edward Neill


The Dreams & Incarnations Oracle Deck!!

Now Available!!

The Dreams & Incarnations Oracle Deck

An All New Intuitive Card Deck by Heather and J Edward Neill


The Dreams & Incarnations oracle deck contains 52 lushly-illustrated cards, featuring original artwork by J Edward Neill and card definitions by Heather Neill.

Ravens, moons, cats, crocodiles…skeletons, towers, and otherworldly landscapes… The theme of the deck: dream symbolism and powerful, personal self imagery.

The deck ships in a sturdy lux box.

As an intuitive deck (readers are encouraged to find their personal meaning using the artwork) the guidebook will be primarily online. A free downloadable PDF is here. For those with e-readers, a guidebook will be available on Amazon Kindle. For those who prefer physical guidebooks, they’ll be available at Amazon (Prime w/ fast shipping) for just $5.99.

Dreams & Incarnations is available at Etsy – ShadowArtFinds. Individual decks, as well as discounted reseller bundles, are available.

Also…a series of six special edition 8 x 10 prints is already available (including full oracle card text) to celebrate the deck. Available here.

For a full video crash course, please head here. 


Now available, the Dreams & Incarnations guidebook on Amazon…