Questions for the Everyday Philosopher

This is a series of articles collectively titled A Thought for Every Thursday.

Each one contains quick, light questions about modern morality, simple philosophy, and human relationships.

Here. Get some…

Deep Space Drama – Part 1

Deep Space Drama – Part 2

Do you agree with these 5 famous quotes?

The 7 Quickest Questions you’ll ever Answer

Life & Death Shopping w/ $100

Are these famous quotes true?

Your Chance to Time Travel

3 Absurd Scenarios

Choose Your God Carefully


We’re Probably ALL Wrong

Choose your own Adventure

We Didn’t Ask to be Here

Which ‘ism’ are you?

The Singles Bar

Love by the Numbers

Wanna be a monk?


Human Algebra


The Human Lens

Not the Ending you Expect

For Lovers Only

Is Reincarnation Pointless?


Three Questions for the Dead

Rewriting the Bible


Our Footprint


Grassroots, Groceries, and Guilt


Thunderbolts from Above


A Thought for Every Thanksgiving

Soul Food

Soul Food


So Many Opinions

Omega Project

The Omega Project

How YOu Gonna Roll

How You Gonna Roll?

How or Why

How or Why?


What’s in a Heart?

Great Divide

The Great Divide

Gotta Love it

Gotta Love It


Walking Contradictions


Consequences, Consequences


How Far are you Willing to Believe?

Angels Demons

Angels vs Demons

A thought for every

Don’t Shoot the Messenger


The Thought for Every Thursday series is inspired by the Coffee Table Philosophy series of books, which can be browsed here.

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J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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