The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck

The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck

by J Edward & Heather Neill

Welcome to Spirits & Shadows. This 52-card oracle deck includes original art by artist J Edward Neill and card concepts, keywords, & guidebook by Heather Neill.

This deck came into being after four long years of love, focus, and no small amount of hard work. Our focus with Spirits & Shadows is hope, the human spirit, self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, and resilience in the face of life’s many challenges. 

Herein you’ll find spirits of nature, images of hope and light, and even shadows which you, the reader, will master and overcome.

Spirits & Shadows is meant to be used intuitively. The keywords and meaning for each card are merely starting points. Please take the time to connect to each image in a meaningful way. This deck was made for you.

A full guidebook including card definitions appears below. 

For those who prefer a physical guidebook, they’re available on Amazon here

We wish you the best in your journey.


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Spirits & Shadows Guidebook

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Spirits & Shadows PDF Download


KeywordsRise, Advance, Transcend

Allow yourself to move beyond the limits of the material world, the self, and old thought patterns that do not serve you. Ascension is seeing your existence, and the existence of all beings, from a higher level of understanding. You are part of a boundless whole and a greater good. Move upwards toward clarity and truth. Leave the limitations of the past behind you.


Keywords: Gather, Prepare, Gratitude

Autumn is a season of life that can be brief or long-term.

Autumn is the time to reap the benefits of hard work. Gather and protect the fruits of your labor. Save money for the winter season. Take the time to reflect on your accomplishments. Remember to be thankful for what you have in the present.


Keywords: Enlightenment, Awareness, Insight

Have you been sleepwalking through life or drifting through the days as if on autopilot? Awakening is opening your eyes after a long slumber. It is an unexpected experience or encounter that brings enlightenment. New possibilities are on the horizon. Open your eyes and see yourself, and your world, with new awareness.


Keywords: Expression, Conception, Completion

Creation is more than bringing something into being. It is an opportunity to tap into our hidden talents and skills. Creation is a way to connect with ourselves. When creating, we can be uninhibited, playful, and fully engaged in the moment. Find a place where you can create freely. Take the time to finish any projects you have previously started.


Keywords: Change, Release, Transformation

Death is an ending that is necessary for a new beginning. Do not bargain with death in order to resist change. Do not fear the unknown. There is freedom in letting go. Death is transformation. Remember, when one door closes, another opens. Do not let complacency keep you from accepting what death has to offer.


Keywords: Resistance, Will, Disobedience

Defiance means it is time to stand your ground. Resist going along with others if their views, opinions, or beliefs do not line up with your own. This does not mean you have to engage in conflict or arguments – but do not conform to make other people happy. Be true to yourself.


Keywords: Division, Parting, Choice

Have you come to a fork in the road? It may be time to deviate from your original plan. Perhaps you are moving in a different direction than those you know and love. It could be time for a career change. You have a decision to make, and the choice may not be obvious at first. Take time to consider which path you will take.

 Door of Dreams

Keywords: Passage, Intuition, Imagery

The Door of Dreams is a passage into what you truly desire. What do you wish you would’ve done, or could do, differently in your life? What is it you really want? Ask yourself these questions before you go to sleep and pay attention to the messages your dreams bring to you through imagery. Consider keeping a dream journal.


Keywords: Entrapment, Manipulation, Confinement

Entanglement is the feeling of being trapped in an unhealthy situation or relationship. Are you caught in a love triangle? You may find yourself entangled in an unpleasant situation at work. Someone in your life could use manipulation as a tool to keep you in a state of confusion. Have the courage to break unhealthy ties to other people. Leave unpleasant situations behind you.


Keywords: Banishment, Rejection, Silence

Exile is rejection. You could find yourself excluded from a group of friends, family members, or coworkers due to an argument, misunderstanding, or miscommunication. Maybe someone is giving you the silent treatment, or you have ceased communicating with someone you feel has wronged you. Allow the air to clear and consider reopening the lines of communication. Do not harbor feelings of resentment.


Keywords: Prescience, Planning, Vision

Foresight is the ability to see beyond the present and anticipate what the future holds. Take the time to plan ahead. You possess the ability to predict what is needed for the future, oftentimes with uncanny accuracy. You may be clairvoyant. Keep moving forward toward your goals and leave the troubles of your past behind you. Use your vision to your advantage.


Keywords: Desire, Discontent, Lack

Greed is the desire for more. It can be the desire for one particular thing or many different things. You may find yourself impacted by someone else’s greed. Perhaps you struggle with your own greed and find yourself endlessly chasing satisfaction. Take the time to understand your motivations for acquiring more. What will bring contentment to your life?


Keywords: Sorrow, Loss, Regret

Grief is losing something you hold dear to your heart. It’s feeling the heavy weight of regret. It can be the death of a hope, a dream, an outcome, a friendship, or a relationship. It is possible that you need to grieve the loss of expectations you had for your life. Give yourself plenty of time to heal.


Keywords: Longing, Ache, Absence

Heartache can be a physical ache that you experience in your chest. You may long for an absent loved one, a specific time in your life, or a past experience that brought happiness. Heartache can also be an indistinct longing or the sense that something is missing. It can be the vague feeling of unfulfillment. What is missing in your life?


Keywords: Cerebral, Rational, Fair

Some situations require the use of intellect rather than emotion or intuition. Know when to lead with your head instead of your heart. Take an objective approach and be fair-minded. Pay attention to facts. Spend more time on intellectual pursuits and activities that challenge your mind.


Keywords: Self-love, Vulnerability, Romance

Love requires vulnerability. It is a teacher and healer. Loving yourself without conditions prepares you to love another person – wholly. Be gentle with yourself and practice self-love. Your heart is a sanctuary.

Romance is in your future. Let your guard down and open your heart.


Keywords: Daydreams, Co-creation, Intention

Your head and heart are in alignment. Co-create with Spirit to manifest your dreams.

Manifestation requires a balance of thoughts and actions. Set clear intentions. Don’t forget the importance of your daydreams and imagination when manifesting. Dispel negative, limiting thoughts and hold a clear image of what you want in your mind. Watch for signs and synchronicities from the universe.


Keywords: Focus, Breath, Stillness

Meditation is achieving a calm, peaceful state of mind. Practice meditation regularly. In stillness, without the distractions and chatter of daily life, your inner voice will speak to you. Listen closely. Using mindful breathing throughout the day will give you the ability to stay strong and balanced during stressful situations. Do not let the noise and stress of life steal your peace.


Keywords: Surrender, Flow, Yield

Melting is surrendering. It is falling in love. It is forgiving and forgetting. It is the choice to give up a struggle. Ease into situations that you find fearful. Be fully engaged in the moment and allow yourself to melt into your feelings. Now is not the time to resist.


Keywords: Misbehavior, Curiosity, Playfulness

Mischief is mild misbehavior. Someone in your life could cause a bit of mischief for you or perhaps you are feeling mischievous. Tap into your playful nature to dispel boredom. Let your natural curiosity bring a little fun into your life. Reclaim your childlike sense of humor. Let go of self-consciousness.


Keywords: Balance, Spirit, Guidance

The Otherworld is the unseen realm. Otherworldly beings are divine guides. We are infinite beings in finite bodies. Create a balance of worldly (earthly, material, carnal) and otherworldly (spiritual, infinite, metaphysical) elements in your life. Take time for spiritual practices. Connect to Spirit, angels, and guides through prayer and meditation. Ask for divine guidance. Accept it with gratitude.


Keywords: Intensity, Fire, Consistency

Passion is an intense emotion. Burning passion that is uncontrolled is an unpredictable fire that can bring ruin or burn out quickly. Controlled passion -a steady, burning flame – can make life exciting and fulfilling. Do not become fixated or obsessed with the object of your desire or a passionate pursuit. Allow the steady flame of enthusiasm to move you towards that which you desire.


Keywords: Self-control, Commitment, Delay

Patience is accepting delay. It is waiting without losing interest, becoming bored, or fearing defeat. Now is not the time to be impetuous. What you want is worth waiting for and your quiet perseverance will not go unnoticed. Take time to make thoughtful decisions. Keep your eye on the end goal.


Keywords: Shield, Defense, Safety

Protection is keeping that which is important to you safe from harm. You may need to protect loved ones, property, or resources. Someone in your life may try to take too much from you. If needed, be sure to protect your personal space, time, or emotions. Make your boundaries clear to others. Do not be unnecessarily defensive in relationships.


Keywords: Rebirth, Integration, Changeable

Reincarnation is rebirth. Allow the wisdom you have gained from the past to be your foundation for the future. Look at your life and see all that you have overcome. See who you truly are in the present. Reinvent yourself by integrating the old and the new. You are fluid – allow yourself to flow and change throughout your lifetime.


Keywords: Past, Memory, Reflection

Remembrance is the act of remembering. Take time to revisit your past. Reach back into your memories and reconnect to younger versions of yourself. Honor memories of loved ones and friends. Reflect on who you have become. Be careful not to romanticize the past. Release what you need to and remember you exist here and now – not in days gone by.


Keywords: Bold, Determined, Decisive

You have made the decision to go after what you want. Stay confident. Do not hesitate when you come up against obstacles blocking the path to completion. Never doubt your ability to persevere. Determination, hard work, and boldness are your tools on this journey.


Keywords: Perspective, Opposite, Appearance

Reversal suggests the opposite of what you see before you. It is a conscious shift in how we view something. Things are not always as they appear at first glance. Reverse your current mindset or mood to see a situation from a different angle. Be open-minded to different perspectives.



Keywords: Temptation, Distraction, Sensuality

Seduction can indicate a need for sensuality in your life. Engage in activities that charm your senses.

You may find yourself tempted by something or someone. Be careful who you allow to hold power over you. Do not be led astray by false promises. Remember, it is easy to idealize a person or situation. Beware of distractions and obsessive thoughts.


Keywords: Renewal, Vitality, Beginnings

Spring is a season of life that can be brief or long-term.

Spring brings the promise of a new beginning. It is a budding romance, a new job, novel ideas, or a fresh start. Now is the time to sow the seeds that will bring future abundance. Spring is the season of renewal. Embrace the vital energy it brings into your life.


Keywords: Resilient, Courageous, Resourceful

Strength is a reminder that you are equipped with the inner resources you need to face the challenges ahead. Stand strong, even if you find yourself standing alone in troubled times. You may find that you need to lead others.

Be aware of your strengths and do not fall into the trap of focusing on your weaknesses.


Keywords: Inspiration, Motion, Initiative

Summer is a season of life that can be brief or long-term.

Summer is the time to burst into life. It is energy, action, and initiative. Summer is when the seeds planted in spring come to fruition.

This can be a tempestuous season. Enjoy moments of surprise or unpredictability that may come your way. Find inspiration by being spontaneous and seeking out new experiences.

The Adversary

Keywords: Challenger, Obstacle, Limits

The Adversary is your competition or enemy in any form. There may be someone in your life who is going to challenge you. The enemy can be a situation that feels out of your control.

Know your true adversary. Sometimes you are your own nemesis. Do not let a negative mindset defeat you. You have more control than you realize.

The Aristocrat

Keywords: Leadership, Influence, Power

The Aristocrat represents influence and power. You may suddenly find yourself in a position of leadership or authority with all eyes on you. Do not misuse this power. What kind of example do you want to set for those who look to you for direction?

The Fall

Keywords: Chaos, Upheaval, Collapse

The Fall is disruption. It is an occurrence that brings unavoidable change to your life. It is unforeseen and therefore you are never prepared when it arrives. You have no choice but to allow the collapse of an old life. When the dust settles, rise up and claim a new reality for yourself.

The Hunter

Keywords: Pursuit, Instinct, Skill

The Hunter acts on instinct. You know what you want and are more than ready to claim it. Now is the time to let your gut instinct, or intuition, propel you forward.

From a romantic perspective, this is the thrill of the chase. You may cross paths with someone who is skilled at romantic pursuits, or someone may soon catch your eye.

The Journey

Keywords: Travel, Vacation, Movement

The Journey is physical movement. It can be a brief change of scenery or weekend getaway, a vacation, or long-term travel. You may relocate for a job or move into a new home. The Journey can portend a long-distance relationship in your future.

The Key

Keywords: Idea, Solution, Possibility

The Key is an idea, an answer, a solution to a problem, or an aha moment. It is essential but remains hidden beneath louder (oftentimes unnecessary) thoughts.

The key already exists inside your head and will unlock possibilities. Prune away all thoughts that don’t serve any real purpose. Meditate or take a walk in a natural setting to clear your mind.

The Maestro

Keywords: Illusion, Trickery, Control

The Maestro is a talented performer who uses trickery and charm to subtly control others. When the maestro appears, consider the possibility that someone in your life may have too much control over you. The maestro is an expert at trickery and a master of creating illusions. Do not get lost in someone else’s world of fantasy.

The Magician

Keywords: Magic, Talent, Transmutation

The Magician is a reminder that you possess all that is needed to work magic in your life. You are in control of your reality. You have all the necessary components to make your dreams come true. Take any negative energy that others toss your way, all self-doubt, or negative thoughts and transmute them into raw, creative energy. Do not underestimate yourself.

The Moon

Keywords: Aspirations, Illumination, Uncertainty

The moon is elusive. It appears during an uncertain time in your life. You know your aspirations but the path leading to what you want is indistinct.

You may find yourself questioning a relationship or find yourself uncertain of another’s feelings for you.

Do not be rash at this time. Hold off making important decisions. Soon the light will shine on the answers you seek.

The Necropolis

Keywords: Darkness, Negativity, Defeat

The Necropolis is the city of death. It is the resting place for your dreams or the life you’ve always wanted but don’t think you’ll ever realize. The necropolis represents giving up, accepting your losses, or admitting defeat.

You may feel trapped in the darkness of unpleasant emotions and thoughts. Find a healthy way to release them and reclaim the light of hope.

The Path

Keywords: Course, Goals, Accountability

The Path has a beginning and an end. It is one you have chosen. Stay the course; do not allow yourself to stray. Remember why you have chosen this path.

Have you been neglecting loved ones or other important duties while striving to reach your goal? Keep your life in balance while you progress.

The Secret

Keywords: Unknown, Hidden, Communication

The Secret is that which needs to be revealed. It is something withheld or left unsaid. It may be that you are feeling burdened by a secret you are keeping. Someone could be keeping a secret from you.

The Secret can represent ineffective communication. A miscommunication between you and someone else may have left one of you feeling misunderstood. How can this be resolved?

The Seeker

Keywords: Search, Grow, Find

The Seeker is one who searches for something: knowledge, purpose, peace, experiences, love, answers, truth…the list continues.

What do you seek at this time? You may need to do some soul-searching to find the answer. This is a time of personal growth.

Remember, you can spend a lifetime searching. If you endlessly seek more, you risk ever appreciating what you have already found.

The Sun

Keywords: Happiness, Fulfillment, Attainment

The Sun is reassurance that you are on the right path. Everything that you have worked for, manifested, and dreamed of is coming to fruition. You are close to achieving your goals.

The Thief

Keywords: Steal, Replace, Sneak

The Thief is one who steals. Although this can be a warning that someone is taking something physical from you – belongings or cherished items – it likely refers to the intangible: time, energy, or happiness. The Thief can take away your sense of peace and security and replace them with negative emotions like fear and anger. Beware.

The Tomb

Keywords: Solitude, Retreat, Introspection

The Tomb carries the energy of solitude. Self-imposed isolation may be necessary in order to reconnect with yourself. You may need to be selfish with your time and energy. Retreat to a quiet place where you can take time for introspection.


Keywords: Authenticity, Bravery, Honesty

Truth tells you to speak your mind even when it’s difficult. What you need to say may be ill-received. There is freedom in being honest with others. Always act in accordance with your own values.

Make sure you are being honest with yourself about a situation or relationship in your life. Do not deceive yourself because you are afraid of what you might lose.


Keywords: Caution, Alert, Warning

Vigilance is warning you to watch for potential danger ahead. Now is the time to pay attention to what is happening around you. You may be approaching unsteady ground. Conflict may arise between you and another. Someone may not have your best interest in mind. Stay alert.


Keywords: Simplicity, Rest, Conclusion

Winter is a season of life that can be brief or long-term.

Winter is the conclusion to the seasons of life and the culmination of experience, knowledge, and lessons learned.

It is the season to slow down and embrace simplicity. Remove the things in your life that do not bring peace or joy. Take time for rest and contemplation.


Keywords: Understanding, Advice, Guidance

Wisdom is a deep level of understanding. Someone you know may be going through a tough time and could use your advice. In what way can your wisdom be of help to others?

You may need the wisdom of another at this time. Do not hesitate to seek much needed guidance or advice from someone you trust.

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  2. Oracle vraiment merveilleux, les illustrations sont des oeuvres d’art. Même si je ne comprends pas l’anglais, les tableaux sont très parlant. Merci pour ce magnifique travail.

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