101 MORE Reasons to Break Up

Oops, I did it again. Over six weeks during a rainy autumn, I collected hundreds of break-up stories from friends, strangers, Facebook pals, random people on Twitter & Instagram, and several tipsy folks at the local bar. And then…just because…I cleaned the stories up and put them into this book:… Continue reading

A Conversation for every Corner of the World

In the Coffee Table Philosophy series, you’ll find something for everyone. Girls. Guys. Party-throwers. Lonely philosophers. Optimists. Pessimists. Conversation-starters. And deep, dark thinkers. It’s all here. A book for every coffee table in the world. * 10 books. 10 different types of questions. Let’s have a look at all of… Continue reading

Not the Book I expected to write – 101 Questions for Couples

It’s not exactly the book I expected to write. I mean…it’s about love, happy couples, relationships, and cuteness. It’s 101 pages with 101 questions meant to ignite fresh and fun conversations between partners. Honestly, I think you’ll love it. * 101 Questions for Couples A new book by J Edward Neill… Continue reading