7 Questions Guaranteed to Start a Fight Among Friends

Take these to your next family gathering. Or to the bar. Or to lunch with friends. I dare you. 7 Questions to Start a Fight Among Friends Awesome! Malevolent! Superfluous! Preferably in the company of at least one other person, use exactly three words to describe the current Congress (or… Continue reading

Why I’m still convinced #NothingMatters

It’s funny the things we decide to care about. It’s curious the flow of socio-political liquid through the masses. Do you ever wonder if, a thousand years ago, the hashtag causes would’ve been #SanitationMatters, #PeasantsMatter, or #ArrowsDon’tKill but #ArchersDo? During World War II, if Twitter had existed, the Allies’ causes would’ve been obvious (Sadly the… Continue reading