The Fall of Castle Carrick – A Dark Suspense Novel by J Edward Neill

Alex O’Riley has always tried not to fit in.

In his simple life, at his tiny house, he paints quiet masterpieces while living as a hermit.

But with one phone call from a brash New York lawyer, Alex learns he’s inherited Castle Carrick, the grandest fortress in Northern Ireland.

At Carrick, strange and dark events begin to swirl ever closer to Alex, turning his hoped-for quiet life inside out.

Now he must decide: flee from Ireland and give up his inheritance…or embrace the dark power which compels him to paint wondrous, yet terrifying things.

The Fall of Castle Carrick 

New Album Cover Art – Ossilegium

Recently, Chicago-based death metal group Ossilegium reached out to me to provide cover art for their new (and freakin’ epic) self-titled album.

Here’s the cover, featuring my original piece ‘How it Must End.’

The painting was fun.

The album is awesome.

Click the pic and give it a listen.


The Dead Hand Podcast w/J Edward Neill & Andrew Hall

Hello everyone.

Photographer and podcast wizard Andrew Hall recently reached out to me about appearing on a Dead Hand Radio podcast.

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.

We originally planned to discuss the Cold War and its history, but we got completely derailed.

Instead of a history discussion, we talked at length about my art, my books, my life, and my influences.


If you want to learn entirely too much about me 🙂 …here’s your chance.

Click the link below and enjoy.

Nine New Art Print Bundles

Hi there everyone.

My house is full of art. And if you’re thinking yours is, too, you haven’t seen mine.

Hundreds of original canvasses.

Hundreds upon hundreds of art prints.


In need of some space…

I took the most ancient, most formative of my lustrous (and often dark or NSFW) art prints and made nine bundles.

Yes. That’s a nazgul thing. It’s no accident.

Each bundle includes from four to seven fine art prints.

Each bundle is at a fraction of the price I’d normally list.

Want to take a look?

That’s easy.


Or just click the pic.

Love you guys.


Get My Original Paintings Direct

Hi everyone.

Lately I’ve been as busy as ever in my life, creating new original canvasses. I’ve got trees, swords, towers, ships, and bones…so many bones. The amount of new art I’ve got quite literally covers my walls.

Typically I sell my original paintings right here, via Etsy.

But today I’m expanding. I realize not everyone likes Etsy. Moreover, Etsy takes a hefty cut out of every sale.


Starting today…

I’m offering a 10% discount (off any price listed on Etsy) to anyone who wishes to buy directly from me using either Paypal or Venmo.

That’s 10% off original canvas art (not prints.)

Domestic shipping is still free.

Interested art collectors should reach out to me using any of the social media links right here.

This offer is good…pretty much forever.

As ever, I love you guys.