Cover Work

Hi there.

I’m J Edward.

Quite often, I get asked to do album covers, book covers, and other licensed products. It’s time I addressed it publicly.

A lot of artists have complex or difficult-to-understand rules regarding art rights, cover work, commissions, and exclusivity.

I do not.

My rules are simple:

  • If you purchase an original piece (not a print) you may use it for your book cover, album cover, t-shirt line, or any other licensed product. Simply let me know after the purchase is complete, and I will agree in writing not to ever give license for that piece to another person for the purpose of cover work.
  • If you live overseas and are unable to purchase an original (usually due to high shipping costs) and you want to use one of my images for cover work (either for business or personal use) I will accept a one-time payment of $75. For this, I will email you a high-resolution image (180dpi) and grant you non-exclusive rights (meaning someone else is permitted to use the image if they pay similarly) to the image.
  • If you’d like to use one of my images to make your own prints (for personal use only) but you live outside of North America, I will accept a one-time payment of $25. For this I will email you a high-resolution image of the print you desire. This image is not to be used for cover work or distribution. (I’m trusting you to be a good human. 🙂 )
  • I reserve the right to sell my prints until the end of time. Regardless of any image’s use as cover work.
  • I do not do typical commissions. It’s nothing personal, of course. Commissions interfere with my process, and frankly, they pay poorly for my time investment. However, I do paint custom backgrounds for use by other artists or collectors who like abstract work. Learn more here.

Want to discuss further? Find me via any of my social media links.

Want to view the originals and prints I have available? Go here.

Much love to everyone.

May the art live forever.


A Sample of Previous Cover Work (Albums & Books)





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