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I’m J Edward Neill, dark fiction author, Coffee Table Philosophy creator, giant canvas painter, and mood-swingy blogger.

You’ve walked over the edge of the world. Thanks for taking the plunge.

A little bit about me: I’m an author, and I write deep, dark fiction, imaginative sci-fi, and thoughtful philosophy. Any day that dies without me putting in a few hours of writing is a day I didn’t really live.  I write the kind of stories I like to read, and I’m inspired by any book centered on the characters rather than the plot. My books are available here.

I also love to paint. The bigger the canvas, the better. My favorite subjects are clouds, trees, beautiful women, and cold, dark places. I twirl a ton of canvasses as companion pieces for my books. My favorite personal works are right here.

So stop by once in a while. Subscribe to the site and receive email alerts. Click the links below and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Read this funny interview here. Head over to http://tesseraguild.com/ and follow my weekly blog. It’s my intention to keep this thing frosty until the end of time or the lump in my chest stops beating, whichever comes first.

J Edward Neill

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