Wisdom of the Raven Oracle – A Crash Course Intro

 Wisdom of the Raven Oracle * An all new deck from J Edward & Heather Neill Now available! Wisdom of the Raven contains 52 cards, featuring all original artwork by J Edward Neill. The theme? Ravens, crows, & corvids imparting sacred knowledge… Guidebooks A free downloadable PDF is here: Wisdom… Continue reading

Custom Soul Moon Paintings – Now Available!

Soul Moon custom commissioned paintings are now available!! Surreal crescent moons. Otherworldly, celestial landscapes. Vivid colors on uniquely shaped canvases and wood panels. What’s it all about? Please read carefully: For a long while, I’ve resisted doing custom work. But no longer. I love painting the Soul Moon style SO… Continue reading

Fearless Familiars – An All New Oracle Deck

The Fearless Familiars Oracle deck is now available! So… What’s it all about? This 52-card oracle deck includes all original art by artist J Edward Neill. The deck theme? Black cats, all of whom represent a protective force in our lives. As goes the fate of our feline companions, so… Continue reading

The Dark Art FAQ by Shadow Art Finds

Frequently Asked Questions Shadow Art Finds * What mediums do I use for my paintings? I use mostly acrylic (Liquitex) on cotton canvasses, gesso boards, & wood panels. Every now and then, I’ll work with charcoal & graphite. (They’re not so fun to clean up.) I never use AI programs,… Continue reading