Coming Very Soon – The Shadow Journey Tarot Deck

Coming Soon The Shadow Journey An All New Tarot Deck by J Edward & Heather Neill The Shadow Journey tarot deck will contain 78 cards, and will feature all-new original artwork by J Edward Neill. Skeletons, Shadowy Ladies, Dark Figures, Surreal Landscapes – The theme of the deck: Journeying from… Continue reading

Cloaks, Bones, and Haunted Cats – All New Art Prints Available!

I’ve been busy in my art studio. Very busy… Over the last two months, I’ve added several all new art series, including a gothic cloak series, bones and skulls, and course…haunted black cats. Want to see? Click the pics below and head directly to each series of prints, canvasses, and… Continue reading

Dreams & Incarnations Crash Course Unboxing

Dreams & Incarnations is now available! So… What’s it all about? Click the pic below to watch a crash course introduction video! And click HERE to get your deck tonight! An all-digital guidebook is here: Dreams & Incarnations Print Master PDF Physical guidebooks are here.  Continue reading

Custom Haunted Cat Commission Art by J Edward Neill

Haunted Cat Commissioned Paintings! Have you ever wanted your cat to appear in a haunted, gothic painting? Look no more… I’ve got your back! For the first time ever, I’m accepting commissions! They’re very specific, so please see below for all the details… Available now via Etsy, I’m offering $10… Continue reading

Coffee Table Cats – A Mini Art Book

Black cats aren’t unlucky…. Charming, sensitive, and wily, these enchanted felines bring love to every heart they touch. In this artsy book by J Edward Neill, enjoy numerous illustrations of our black cat friends, each paired with a loving tribute. Each piece of cat art is based on one of… Continue reading

Why I Won’t Do Commissioned Art

“Can you paint a portrait of me, but as a sexy, armor-wearing warrior queen? And thirty lbs. lighter?” No. And you mean forty-five lbs. “Can you paint my dog? He’s really cute. Look how his tongue hangs out the left side of his mouth. I really want to capture him in… Continue reading

What are the Different Types of Art Prints?

So… You say you’re in the market for some art prints. First of all, awesome. After all, art prints have great upsides. They’re an inexpensive alternative to buying original art. They’re typically smaller than big canvas paintings. They can be put into stylish frames. They’re easier to handle, and even… Continue reading

The Dreams & Incarnations Oracle Deck!!

Now Available!! The Dreams & Incarnations Oracle Deck An All New Intuitive Card Deck by Heather and J Edward Neill * The Dreams & Incarnations oracle deck contains 52 lushly-illustrated cards, featuring original artwork by J Edward Neill and card definitions by Heather Neill. Ravens, moons, cats, crocodiles…skeletons, towers, and… Continue reading

Coming Soon – The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck

NOW AVAILABLE!! The Spirits & Shadows Oracle Deck An Intuitive Card Deck by Heather and J Edward Neill * The Spirits & Shadows oracle deck contains 52 cards, featuring original artwork by J Edward Neill. Cats, owls, crows… Skeletons, towers, otherworldly landscapes… The theme of the deck: personal challenges and… Continue reading