7 Questions Guaranteed to Start a Fight Among Friends

Take these to your next family gathering. Or to the bar. Or to lunch with friends. I dare you. 7 Questions to Start a Fight Among Friends Awesome! Malevolent! Superfluous! Preferably in the company of at least one other person, use exactly three words to describe the current Congress (or… Continue reading

101 Ways to Fight About Politics

Who wants to debate politics??? With this easy (and inflammatory) guide, friends, frenemies, and partisan warriors can leap right into a modern political argument. Includes 101 prompts on everything from social welfare, military spending, feminism, racism, and much more. Start your argument today! Ten sample questions are right here. Continue reading

100 things you should probably think about

I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’. * * * 100 Things You Should Probably Think About A rare compliment is better than everyday flattery. Don’t fistfight the person who cuts you off in traffic. Fight the one who says you can’t do something. And fight them with your mind, not your hands. Patience… Continue reading