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Down the Dark Path – Alternate Cover Art

October 27, 2018 | Art! | Permalink

Epic dark fantasy novel Down the Dark Path Released with all new alternate cover art. When Andelusia Anderae leaves home in search of a better life, she accidentally plunges into the world-ending war between Graehelm and Furyon. The deeper she falls, the more she senses the dark powers rising within her. Available here in softcover and Kindle […]

Ashes for Ande – Sketching a pretty girl

January 10, 2017 | Art!, Books! | Permalink

Sometimes…every once in a while, I decide to step up my art. Usually I work on abstract paintings with lots of deep, dark color, like these. But lately I’ve set my sights on something realistic. I’m calling my newest painting Ashes for Ande. It’ll eventually (hopefully) be a book cover for my next series, Ashes of Everything. For […]

The Black Magic Woman

August 1, 2016 | Books!, Dark Moon Daughter, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

Andelusia knows she’s not like other girls. More than ever, the night calls to her, the stars grant her serenity, and the shadows of black magic pool within her blood. In the dark spaces between her dreams, she feels the power of the ancient world awakening. And as the enemies of mankind prepare for the […]

The Study of Darkness

July 21, 2015 | Art!, Down the Dark Path, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

A few weeks ago, I received an encouraging reception for my latest painting, ‘The Emperor’s Vision.‘ Which made me want to share how this dark canvas came to life. When I started working on this one at summer’s beginning, I knew I wanted to paint another companion piece to my fantasy series, Down the Dark Path. I wanted something stark, something […]

It’s coming down

November 12, 2014 | Books!, Nether Kingdom, Tyrants of the Dead | Permalink

The dust settles. The people of Graehelm and Thillria believe they are safe. They are not. High in her tower, Andelusia awakens. The rain will forever fall, she knows. The time is now. The Ur are coming. Deep in the wilds, the Hunter wades through rivers of blood. I must kill the Master, he broods. […]

Free Preview of Dark Moon Daughter

May 7, 2014 | Books!, Dark Moon Daughter | Permalink

  For those on the fence about investing in my latest dark fantasy epic Dark Moon Daughter (Book II in the Tyrants of the Dead series) here’s something I hope will launch you over the edge. Just click here to skitter on over to Tessera Guild’s download page, where you’ll find a free downloadable preview. DMD’s inside cover, […]