New Book Release – 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

A new release from the creators of Haunted Cat Tarot and Spirits & Shadows Oracle…

101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

In 101 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck, you’ll find prompts and ideas to help guide and support you as you read and interpret spreads of tarot (and oracle) cards. This book features four sections, each of them concerned with a particular realm of tarot queries.


Friends & Family


Romantic Love

On each page you’ll find a detailed query which you can meditate upon, bring into focus, and make a request of your cards. The intent is to help you discover new and interesting questions. Change the wording of each question however you wish. Make them completely yours.

Now available HERE!

And of course, all of our card decks are available on Etsy and Amazon. 

About grimwain

J Edward Neill is a surreal artist and author. He lives in a cavern in North GA, where the sun shines too much, but the bourbon is fantastic.
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